Getting on with the job

The Government understands the State’s Budget isn’t just a page of numbers – these figures change people’s lives and our communities.

The Victorian Budget 2017/18 is about people. It’s about our communities. It’s about looking after those in need. It’s about the Victoria our grandchildren will grow up in.

It’s about getting on with the job.

Three years ago, the Premier made a commitment to better schools, better hospitals, better transport, and more jobs. Since then, this Government has invested tens of billions in health, education, public transport and roads – the building blocks of a fair and thriving state.

This Budget is about capitalising on the work we’ve already done to ensure every Victorian is given every opportunity to share in our prosperity.

It’s a Budget underpinned by strong economic management and jobs creation.

It addresses the issues familiar to any Victorian family, to our small businesses, to our kids and students, and to the most vulnerable in our society.

It’s about the dignity of work, access to decent healthcare, getting home from work safely and quickly, and being able to afford a house you can make a happy, secure home.

At the heart of the Victorian Budget 2017/18 is an unprecedented package to address family violence, a national emergency that costs far too many lives.

This Budget provides a record boost to Victoria Police, ensuring they have everything they need to keep Victorians safe, put victims first and hold perpetrators to account.

It builds on the single biggest education investment in the State’s history, giving every Victorian child a quality education.

It includes another record-breaking investment in the State’s health system, ensuring every Victorian has access to the best care, close to home, regardless of how wealthy they are.

It invests in regional Victoria, with a range of initiatives designed to create jobs, attract visitors and upgrade key road and rail infrastructure – to ensure every part of our state continues to thrive.

It’s a budget that consolidates our success and secures our future.

It’s a responsible budget, a fair budget, a budget for all Victorians.

It’s a budget that delivers the things that really matter.

Tim Pallas MP

Treasurer of the State of Victoria

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