Victorian Budget 21/22

Treasurer's message

Last year, Victorians achieved what no one else has. Now, we are on the road to recovery.

Treasurer Tim Pallas

But truly bouncing back won’t just happen by chance.

We need a long‑term plan that helps Victorians recover.

That means not only supporting people in the short‑term, but actually investing in their future too.

It’s why this Budget invests in the support people need – and the Victorians we need to deliver it.

That includes building a new mental health system from the ground up.

We all know someone who’s struggled with their mental health. And yet this issue hasn’t really been taken seriously.

It’s why with this Budget, we’re delivering transformational investment that will fundamentally change the way mental health support is offered in Victoria.

That means early intervention, dedicated help for our kids, and care that's available in your community.

This Budget invests in more of the services and support Victorians need.

As we deliver these investments, we’ll be creating tens of thousands of new jobs.

And with it, a bright future for tens of thousands of Victorian families.

It’s a simple idea that’s at the heart of this Budget.

Ensuring every dollar of investment is delivering a double benefit.

Making our state stronger and fairer, and getting more Victorians back to work to make it happen.

That’s been our record for the past six years – and that approach will be what drives our recovery.

With this Budget, we’re creating jobs and caring for Victorians.

Tim Pallas
Treasurer of Victoria

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Creating jobs and caring for Victorians

Reviewed 20 May 2021

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