The Budget Papers are split into five sections and are supported by one Budget Information Paper.

Budget Overview

The Budget Overview summarises the State's economic and fiscal outlook, and the Government's strategic priorities and objectives.  It contains the Treasurer's message, information about the Government's investments and plain-English summaries of budget decisions.

Budget Paper 1: Treasurer's Speech

Budget Paper 1 is the speech that the Treasurer gives to outline the budget to Parliament and Victorians.  It presents  the Appropriation Bills to Parliament.

Budget Paper 2: Strategy and Outlook

Budget Paper 2 outlines the State's current and expected economic and financial performance and outlines the Government's fiscal and economic strategy. It provides an economic and fiscal overview, and describes the budget position and outlook for the general government sector as well as the broader public sector.

Budget Paper 3: Service Delivery

Budget Paper 3 provides an overview of the goods and services funded by the Government and delivered by departments, and how these support the Government's strategic objectives. It outlines the Government's priorities for the services it provides and sets out the costs of the services for Victorians. It includes a breakdown of all output funding with associated performance targets.

Budget Paper 4: State Capital Program

Budget Paper 4 provides an overview of the investments that departments and government-controlled entities will deliver in the coming financial year. It also includes capital programs and projects currently under way or in progress, and lists projects expected to be completed in the coming year.

Budget Paper 5: Statement of Finances

Budget Paper 5: Statement of Finances (including the March 2016 Quarterly Financial Report No. 3), provides the financial details of the aggregated Victorian general government sector and the broader Victorian public sector. In addition to the estimated financial statements and notes to the accounts, it includes the supplementary uniform presentation framework tables, with chapters on state revenue, tax expenditure and concessions, contingent assets and liabilities and the public account.

Budget Information Paper: Rural and Regional



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