The 2024/25 Budget invests in women

The 2024/25 Budget invests $6.1 billion to advance gender equality in Victoria.

Elizabeth Morgan House CEO Kalina Morgan-Whyman

This year’s Budget includes sensible and disciplined investments that mean we can deliver the services that Victorians need – and do so in ways that improve gender equality.

The Victorian Government is investing:

  • $657 million for health services including addressing the ‘pain gap’ in women’s health.
  • $1.8 billion to increase women’s economic security by supporting workers in women-dominated sectors and helping women to reskill and retrain.
  • $292 million to assist with cost of living pressures that disproportionately affect women.
  • $216 million to support Victorians experiencing homelessness into housing, including women.
  • $269 million to prevent family violence and support women’s safety.

Of the total funded initiatives in the 2024/25 Budget:

  • More than 130 of our Budget initiatives have been assessed as having a positive impact on gender equality.
  • Nine initiatives, with a combined investment of $352 million, are expected to have a significantly positive impact. These initiatives will improve gender equality at a statewide level, change attitudes, or improve gender equality by reducing gaps in outcomes, access or participation.

These investments improve gender equality by:

  • Improving the health and wellbeing of women and girls.
  • Enhancing women’s participation in the workforce, or providing benefits to a workforce that is predominately made up of women.
  • Supporting more opportunities for women and girls to participate in education, social or recreational activities.
  • Helping more women with the cost of living.
  • Making sure more women have the security and stability of a home.
  • Addressing systemic discrimination and misogyny, such as family violence.

In many cases, initiatives also consider that women’s experience of disadvantage is compounded by other factors, such as ethnicity, disability and age.