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Victorian Budget 22/23

Supporting our teachers

Victoria’s teachers have gone above and beyond over the pandemic.

Teacher with two students

They ran classes online, supported students from home, and innovated to keep kids engaged and learning.

We heard from teachers that if they have more time to prepare lessons, plan, and mark work, their teaching will improve - that’s why this budget will invest $779 million to recruit around 1,900 teachers. That means more time for each teacher to prepare and focus on each student and their needs.

To further support our school workforce, this Budget provides additional investment of $173 million. This funding will help grow the supply of teachers, encourage them to work in hard to staff positions, and give them access to the best training and resources.

This includes:

Upgrades to school software

$104 million to upgrade school software so students, staff and administrators can connect better and faster.

Employment-based teacher education degrees

$33 million to continue and expand the delivery of employment-based teacher education degrees for postgraduate students.

Expanding the teacher financial incentives program

$14 million to expand the teacher financial incentives program and extend international teacher incentives and supports.

Secondary Mathematics and Science Initiative

$10 million to continue the Secondary Mathematics and Science Initiative including to train 50 mathematics and 25 science out-of-field teachers in priority curriculum areas.

Reviewed 01 May 2022


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