Supporting new apprenticeships

Our apprentices have helped build our State – we want to make sure they help build our recovery too.

Engineering tradie in workshop

This Budget invests $58 million to support Victorian workers to earn while they learn.

This includes $33 million to expand opportunities for apprentices and trainees through a flagship Big Build training pathway. This transformative new approach will see up to 1,500 apprentices and trainees employed across our Big Build each year. 

This investment will also create more opportunities for a broader group of Victorians to work on our State’s Big Build, including a focus on women and other Victorians who may otherwise miss out.  

Funding is also provided to expand the pilot of higher apprenticeships and traineeships to 400 existing workers in the social service sector. This support will enable highly experienced disability support workers who don’t have a qualification to undertake courses such as the Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management.

To make sure Victorians of all backgrounds have the support they need to recover, a further $34 million will help deliver the Economic Recovery Support for Victoria's Multicultural Communities and Young People package.

This investment will help make sure Victorians in our multicultural communities are getting the dedicated support they need during our recovery.

Reviewed 23 November 2020


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