Sick pay for insecure workers

This pandemic has exposed many of the frailties in our nation – none more so than insecure and casual work.

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Nearly two-thirds of the total decline in employment in Australia from February to August was among casual employees. 

For these workers that has very real consequences – economic consequences, and as we’ve seen with coronavirus (COVID-19), health consequences too. 

Secure Work Pilot Scheme

Workers shouldn’t have to choose between going to work sick and losing wages. That’s why the Victorian Government will invest $5 million to develop a new Secure Work Pilot Scheme.

Once in place, this two-year pilot will provide up to five days of sick and carers pay at the national minimum wage for casual or insecure workers in priority industries. Businesses, unions and workers will also contribute to the design. 

Most importantly, it will mean these workers no longer have to choose between the health of their colleagues and co-workers – and putting food on the table for their family.

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Victoria To Take First Big Step To Tackle Insecure Work

Reviewed 24 November 2020


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