Victorian Budget 21/22

Public transport Victorians can rely on

Last year, we were reminded there’s nothing more important than spending time with the people you love.

Train Bungaree Loop

It’s why we’re transforming our public transport system – investing in the projects that will get Victorians home sooner.

This Budget continues that transformation, investing $3.2 billion to keep our public transport network moving.

$94 million will be invested in the Melton and Wyndham Vale corridor to enable higher capacity trains, including nine-car VLocity trains. These longer trains will increase capacity by up to 50% during peak periods. Development work will also be undertaken for a new commuter train as a future replacement for the existing classic fleet operating on regional lines.

Next Generation Trams infrastructure

Funding of $368 million will deliver infrastructure for our Next Generation Trams, including upgrades to the Southbank Tram Depot and the construction of a new tram maintenance facility in Melbourne’s north-west.

This investment will support the delivery of 100 new modern Next Generation Trams funded in the 2020/21 Budget, which will support more than 1,800 local manufacturing and supply chain jobs at the peak of production.

Improving our tram network performance

Funding of $42 million will improve performance on our tram network, with tram and road traffic separations in six Melbourne central business district locations, upgrades to the Automatic Vehicle Monitoring system, and continuation of St Kilda Road corridor tram services.

Accessibility upgrades

Disability shouldn’t be a barrier to accessing public transport. It’s why we're investing $25 million to deliver accessibility and usability upgrades across the public transport network.

This includes upgrades at over 1,000 kerbside tram stops across Melbourne with features like braille plates and tactile ground markings – as well as improved lighting, weather protection and safer road markings at 42 priority stops.

Additional investments include:

Upgrading regional train maintenance

Funding to upgrade the South Dynon train maintenance facility which maintains our regional VLocity trains.

A more reliable bus network

$74 million to improve and reform our regional and suburban bus network, including more frequent buses, extended routes and a more reliable service.

Mass transit connections for Fishermans Bend

$15 million to continue planning, development and protection of mass transit connections for Fishermans Bend.

Improving safety

$3.1 million for glass safety screens on 450 Victorian buses and to replace handrails on trams, improving safety for drivers and passengers.

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