Four mental health support workers

Investment $78.4 million

More Victorians die each year from a drug overdose than on our roads. Alcohol and drug abuse damages Victorian families and communities, particularly in regional Victoria.

Our Ice Action Plan is up and running, but we still have so much more work to do.

What will the money be used for?

The 2017/18 Budget includes investments for:

Expand services for people during transition

$12.4 million to expand services for people during transition in and out of alcohol and other drug treatment.

Increased phone and web-based support

Increased phone and web-based support, which will provide earlier access to alcohol and drug services for people who are unable to access face-to-face services.

30 new alcohol and drug rehabilitation beds

Establishing 30 new alcohol and drug rehabilitation beds to increase the capacity of residential rehabilitation services by an additional 85 patients per year.

Counselling and treatment services

Counselling and treatment services for up to 3,800 parents a year to reunite families impacted by addiction.

Mandatory treatment conditions 

Providing a further 960 places for people with mandatory treatment conditions in their Community Corrections Orders.

Building better treatment options

Better capturing and sharing information across alcohol and other drug treatment services to build better treatment options.

Media releases

Taking action on ice and other drugs

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