Melbourne e-class tram on road

Investment $879.5 million

Investing in a more frequent and reliable metropolitian public transport system.

What will the money be used for?

The 2017/18 Budget also includes investments for:

More E-Class trams

$218.1 million to order 10 more E-Class trams and provide new infrastructure to support Melbourne’s modern tram network. These trams will be built in Victoria, for Victoria, boosting local jobs.

This will mean a total of 80 new E-Class trams have been funded to roll out on the network.

Train upgrades on the Frankston line at Kananook

$187.4 million to build new train stables on the Frankston line at Kananook. This project will ensure the community's needs are met for on-time performance well into the future.

Improve passenger safety

$67 million to improve passenger safety on train and bus networks with a program of upgrades targeting key risk areas at train stations and bus stops.

Improvements Melbourne’s busiest train stations

$8.7 million to design and oversee improvements to Melbourne’s busiest train stations.

Hurstbridge train line upgrade

$5 million will plan for a major long-term second phase upgrade to the Hurstbridge train line.

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Record investment keeps rolling in Melbourne’s suburbs


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