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Investment $2.9 billion

The Victorian Budget 2017/18 invests an additional $2.9 billion in Victoria’s health system, so families in rural and regional areas can receive high-quality care when they need it.

It shouldn’t matter where you live. Every Victorian should be able to rely on the best of health care, close to home.

What will the money be used for?

The 2017/18 Budget includes investments for:

Mental health facility in Ballarat

$8.3 million to establish a new 12-bedroom mental health facility in Ballarat to increase support for people with an acute mental health illness living in Ballarat and the broader Grampians region.

South West Healthcare in Warrnambool

$7.5 million to undertake planning and preliminary infrastructure works to South West Healthcare in Warrnambool to deliver the next stage of upgrades. This will support our doctors and nurses as they continue to provide the best health care to people in the south west.

Travel to access specialist medical care

$2 million to subsidise costs for people from regional areas when they travel to access specialist medical care.

Statewide investment

Frontline services

$1.3 billion for frontline services, so patients get the treatment they need sooner.

Hospital infrastructure works

$428.5 million to provide infrastructure works our hospitals need.

Access to elective surgery

$319.9 million to improve access to elective surgery and reduce patient waiting times.

Patient safety

$215 million to put patient safety first, eliminate avoidable harm and improve the quality of health care across the State.

New paramedics and new ambulance

$26.5 million for new paramedics and new ambulances.

Cancer screening and detection measures

$14 million to deliver more cancer screening and detection measures, including funding to provide 10,000 additional breast screens, increase the number of Victorians participating in the National Bowel Cancer Screening program and deliver a training program for oral health professionals to identify oral cancers during routine check-ups.

Health services and medical research institutes

$34.2 million for health services and medical research institutes so they expand their research into the next great breakthroughs.

$12.7 million to trial a more integrated and coordinated approach to caring for people with multiple chronic and complex conditions.

Better Care Victoria

$10 million to expand Better Care Victoria.

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