Sailboats on Hazelwood Pondage

The Latrobe Valley is a resource-rich area with abundant forests, rich agricultural land and large brown coal and water resources. To support the growth of future industries, the Victorian Budget 2016-17 provides $40 million for the Latrobe Valley.

The Latrobe Valley community raised concerns about the impact of the Hazelwood mine fire on their health and the health of their loved ones. They were right.

What will the money be used for?

This investment includes:

Latrobe Valley community response to Hazelwood inquiry

The Budget includes $51.2 million to further assist residents, and restore and rehabilitate the Latrobe Valley community as part of the response to the Hazelwood inquiry.

Health needs

$27.3 million to respond to the health needs of residents of the Latrobe Valley including priority services and preventative health programs, and increased health assessments and early interventions.

Rehabilitation strategy

$13.8 million to develop an integrated, regional scale rehabilitation strategy and for land use transition of affected mine sites.

Air quality monitoring and assistance to emergency services agencies

$10.2 million for air quality monitoring and assistance to emergency services agencies to implement recommendations to better prepare for incidents and develop an emergency management plan.

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