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In addition to the record boost to police, the Victorian Government is addressing the safety of our communities at all levels, from crime prevention and neighbourhood policing, through to the criminal justice, prison and rehabilitation systems.

This Budget helps ensure serious crimes are punished, and perpetrators held to account and detained effectively to keep Victorians safe.

What will the money be used for?

The 2017/18 Budget includes investments for:

Youth justice facilities

$360.7 million to strengthen youth justice facilities in Parkville and Malmsbury, and to build a new fit-for-purpose high security detention centre.

Security around high-risk offenders

$308.1 million to bolster security around high-risk offenders, including detention and supervision schemes, and targeted intervention for serious offenders in custody.

Expanded prison system

$145.2 million to fund the needs of the expanded prison system, ensuring prisoner, staff and community safety, and reducing the likelihood of reoffending.

Public safety and care

$122.9 million to improve public safety and care for the needs of offenders with mental illness.

Rehabilitation programs and services

$41.1 million for rehabilitation programs and services to respond to criminal's reoffending and improve community safety, including an anti-radicalisation program. Locate on map.

Legal Aid and Community Legal Centres

$29.5 million to support Legal Aid and Community Legal Centres to continue to meet the needs of disadvantaged or vulnerable Victorians.

Law Courts

$7.6 million to fund plans to expand and upgrade the Werribee Law Court (Locate on map) and Bendigo Law Court (Locate on map) so they can manage demand.

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