Wind turbines on a grassy hll

Investment $155 million

The Victorian Government understands Victorians need a stable, affordable and secure supply of energy for industry, businesses and homes.

This Budget provides more than $155 million to secure Victoria’s energy supplies, create a clean sustainable economy, and, importantly, create jobs. It also brings energy efficiency and affordability to the everyday lives of Victorians.

What will the money be used for?

The 2017/18 Budget includes investments for:

Modernise Victoria’s energy system

$88.8 million to continue the Government’s plan to modernise Victoria’s energy system and ensure the electricity network is stable, reliable and affordable.

Victorian Gas Supply Program

$42.5 million for the Victorian Gas Supply Program, to identify and assess the potential for new discoveries of onshore conventional gas, offshore gas and underground gas storage by undertaking extensive scientific, technical and environmental studies on the risks, benefits and impacts of pursuing these options.

Managing energy usage

$23.7 million to help households and business to manage their energy usage and compare energy prices. The Government will also use this funding to continue to advocate for Victorian consumers’ interests at the national level.


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