Artist impression of North East Link tunnel

Investment $100 million

The Victorian Government will build North East Link – the missing link in our road network that will finally complete the Metropolitan Ring Road.

What will the money be used for?

The 2017/18 Budget includes investments for:

North East Link

North East Link is the only project that can actually slash congestion in Melbourne’s north, south and east, while the new West Gate Tunnel fixes traffic in the west.

The project will take trucks off local streets and reduce congestion in Melbourne’s northern and eastern suburbs. It will provide an essential north-south connection, catering for Melbourne’s future growth, while linking the eastern suburbs to the northern and western suburbs and the airport.

This Budget allocates $100 million for the North East Link to get planning and pre-construction activities underway, ahead of procurement in 2018.

The North East Link Authority will use its expertise to plan for the necessary upgrades to surrounding key strategic roads in the network.

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Building Melbourne's missing link

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