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Investment $685 million

The Victorian Government is building the Education State so every community can access a great local school where students are supported to achieve their potential.

In our past two budgets, we’ve invested $1.8 billion on new and upgraded schools. This year we are providing a further $685 million, bringing our total investment in improving Victoria’s schools to more than $2.5 billion.

This ensures every community can be proud of its local school, and every student can be supported to be their best.

What will the money be used for?

The 2017/18 Budget includes investments to:

Construct, plan and buy land

$269.6 million to construct, plan and buy land for new schools, including many in growth areas.

Upgrade schools

$239.6 million to upgrade schools across the State (locate on map).

Asbestos removal

A further $85 million for the asbestos removal program in schools.

IT upgrades

$84.3 million for IT upgrades across our schools, providing the technology essential to teaching and learning.

Relocatable classrooms

$75 million for new relocatable classrooms to alleviate immediate pressure in overcrowded schools.

Help teachers and principals

$50.7 million to help teachers and principals in 346 struggling schools, with the assistance of expert teachers.

Build new Early Childhood Development facilities

$10 million to plan and build new Early Childhood Development facilities at new primary schools (locate on map).

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