Transforming our public transport system and reducing congestion

Our state is growing faster than any other.

Overlooking Ringwood Station

The Victorian Budget 2016-17 will transform our public transport system, reduce congestion on our roads and improve safety for everyone.

This Budget invests over $10.4 billion in public transport and road projects across Victoria.

We have already started removing 50 of our most dangerous level crossings, and will fully fund Melbourne's new Metro Tunnel to get this major transport project done.

We'll partner with any Commonwealth Government willing to support Australia's most important infrastructure project, and will keep advocating for Victorians to get their fair share.

Priority Spotlight

$1.3 billion

for regional rail services and infrastructure


services on regional lines


new VLocity carriages


back on track

Priority Initiatives

Melbourne's public transport network

More trains on our rail network means fewer cars on our roads, and less traffic for those who have to drive

Building a new train

Suburban roads

New and upgraded roads in Melbourne's fast-growing suburbs

Workman operating a concrete cutter on road

Regional roads

Regional Victorians need safe, efficient roads

Truck safety barrier on highway

Regional rail

Investing $1.3 billion in rail projects across regional Victoria

V-line train at Southern Cross Station

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