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The Government is boosting access to mental health services across Victoria, with a $406.7 million investment to meet our most urgent needs. This builds on the significant additional investment for mental health in last year’s Budget.

This funding will provide 579 additional inpatient services and approximately 75,000 hours of community care. More medical and allied staff will be available on weekends to provide more timely treatment of mental health clients.

$45.2 million of this major investment will be put towards expanding forensic mental health services to make our state safer by improving access to assessment, diversion and appropriate treatment for mental illness. Locate on map.

This additional investment means that patients can get the care and treatment they need to stay out of the criminal justice system.

Spotlight for Mental health and disability

$406.7 million

to meet our most urgent mental health needs

$45.2 million

for expanding forensic mental health services

$78.4 million

to treat substance abuse

$166.2 million

in disability related initiatives

Priority Initiatives for Mental health and disability

Treatment for alcohol and other drugs

Treating alcohol and drug abuse

Four mental health support workers


The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

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