Surburban housing near a pond

Homes for Victorians

For too many Victorians, finding a home is getting harder and harder. The great Australian dream is slipping out of reach.

A significant number of Victorians, particularly young Victorians, are struggling to break into the housing market. House prices are rising and upfront costs – a deposit, stamp duty and fees – quickly add up.

Many struggle to meet high rental prices, or instead choose to live in unsuitable housing. Some don't have the security they need, or the capacity to personalise their home as they would like.

At the same time, the number of Victorians who need to access public and community housing is growing. Waiting lists are long and many of our existing homes have fallen into disrepair.

In short, too many Victorians don't have a real choice about where they live, or the type of home they live in. And as our population grows, inaction will only make things worse.

Fixing this problem isn't simple, which is why the Government is taking action to help buyers, renters and those most in need.

Spotlight for Housing

$851 million

to abolish stamp duty for first time buyers

$50 million

to double the First Home Owner Grant to $20,000

$1 billion

Social Housing Growth Fund

$100 million

to fund low-cost loans

Priority Initiatives for Housing

Supporting first home buyers

Helping Victorian's buy their first home

A couple looking at building plans for a new property

Making long-term leases a reality

Giving renters more long-term security

Apartment buildings in Docklands

Social housing

Safe and secure accommodation

Social housing towers and childrens play area

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