women in hospital bed with new born young girl and midwife looking on

Every Victorian should be able to rely on the best of care, close to home. The Victorian Government is building on our record-breaking investments in Victoria’s health system with almost $2.9 billion to ensure that Victorians, wherever they live, receive first-class care.

Spotlight for Health

almost $2.9 billion

to ensure Victorians receive first-class health care

$1.3 billion

to meet hospital demand

$35 million

for upgrading specialist medical equipment

$215 million

to put patient safety first

Priority Initiatives for Health

Investing in our hospitals

Health care for every Victorian

Photo looking down at a hospital

Ambulances and emergency readiness

Lifesaving care for all Victorians

Paramedics and ambulance

Hospital services

A health system supporting the needs of Victorians

Hospital staff with patient

Preventative health and innovation

Treatment, prevention and research of diseases

Two medical staff in a hospital

Regional health

The best health care, no matter where you live

A nurse with a patient in hospital

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