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On 5 December 2016, Victoria’s first Gender Equality Strategy Safe and Strong was released, initiating landmark reforms to deliver gender equality and address sexism and violence against women.

The Victorian Government is leading the way towards gender equality with sustained, enduring and measurable action.

The Victorian Budget 2017/18 includes a range of initiatives demonstrating the Victorian Government’s commitment to equality for all Victorians.

Spotlight for Gender Equality Budget Statement

$50.7 million

to deliver the Government's Strategy for the Prevention of Family Violence

$6.2 million

to drive female participation in sport

$81.1 million

to expand and reform Maternal and Child Health

$4 million

to expand the Female Friendly Facilities Program

Priority Initiatives for Gender Equality Budget Statement

A leader on gender equality

Embedding and modelling gender equality

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Free from gendered norms, stereotypes and expectations

Ensuring Victorians are equally rewarded for their contribution in society

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Victorians are empowered, healthy, safe and strong

Addressing the under-representation of women

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Value and champion gender equality

Ensuring gender equality in the community

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