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The Victorian Government is getting on with the job and building the projects that Victoria needs. Our past two budgets included record investment in projects that will benefit Victorians for generations and create more than 50,000 jobs.

The Victorian Budget 2017/18 continues to invest an average of $9.6 billion a year over 4 years in the infrastructure our cities, towns and communities need.

The Government is committed to significant infrastructure investment and job creation. This Budget will create thousands of jobs, across hundreds of projects, including:

  • $700 million for the final upgrade to the M80 Ring Road, which will complement the North East Link
  • $498 million for new and upgraded health facilities, infrastructure and vital health equipment
  • $435 million for the Gippsland Rail Upgrade
  • $685 million for new schools and school upgrades
  • $100 million to complete planning and pre-construction for the North East Link – the project that will finally complete the missing link in Victoria’s road network, and create thousands of jobs.

These investments will grow our economy, create jobs and benefit the community for years to come.

Government infrastructure investment

Government Infrastructure Investment 2017-18

Annual GII Average GII

This builds on the Government’s historic $30 billion infrastructure pipeline, which includes:

  • the removal of 50 of our most dangerous and congested level crossings – one of the biggest projects in Victoria's history that is transforming communities and creating thousands of jobs across Melbourne
  • the Metro Tunnel, now underway, which will free up the City Loop to run more trains, with 2 new rail tunnels and 5 new underground stations.

We are already seeing the benefits of our past investments, with employment growth averaging 3% in 2016 and real gross state product growth of 3.3% in 2015-16.

Spotlight for Creating and protecting jobs

$700 million

for the final upgrade to the M80 Ring Road

$498 million

for new and upgraded health facilities

$435 million

for the Gippsland Rail Upgrade

$685 million

for new school and school upgrades

Priority Initiatives for Creating and protecting jobs

Protecting jobs

Creating new jobs and protecting existing ones

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Working with employers

Making Victoria a great place to do business

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A stable, affordable and secure supply of energy

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