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Victorian State Budget 2023/24

Powering the economy

Victoria’s economy is well‑placed to weather the current challenges of high inflation and rising interest rates.

It’s no accident, and a lot of it comes down to the significant work the Victorian Government has done to support jobs.

Every Victorian deserves the security and dignity of a good, stable job with a decent wage. A job is about more than just a pay cheque – it means being able to provide for your family and plan for the future.

Since November 2014, our economy has generated 690,000 new jobs, including more than 175,000 jobs in regional Victoria.

When the pandemic hit our shores in 2020, we invested to protect Victorian lives and livelihoods. We had a target to create 400,000 jobs by 2025, with half of them created by 2022.

Today, Victoria has already far exceeded our ambitious goal, more than two years ahead of schedule – with employment rising by more than 460,000 since September 2020.

Now, we want to do even more – creating more opportunities for Victorians to find a job and giving them the training they need for the future.

Reviewed 18 May 2023


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