Victorian Budget 21/22

Metropolitan Melbourne

After a tough twelve months, we are on the road to recovery.

But truly bouncing back – it won’t just happen by chance.

We need a long-term plan that truly helps Victorians recover.

It’s why this Budget invests in the support people need – and the Victorians we need to deliver it.

That includes building a new mental health system from the ground up.

We all know someone who’s struggled with their mental health. And yet this issue hasn’t been taken seriously.

It’s why with this Budget, we’re delivering a once in a generation investment that will transform the way mental health support is offered across our city and state.

That means early intervention, dedicated help for our kids, and care that’s actually available when you need it.

This Budget invests in more of the services and support our suburbs need. This includes:

  • $3.8 billion to build Victoria’s new mental health system and ensure communities are getting the care they deserve
  • $3.2 billion to improve our public transport services and infrastructure, including $986 million to build 25 new X'Trapolis 2.0 trains in Victoria and  supporting infrastructure for our network
  • $1.6 billion to continue our school building blitz, including building 13 new suburban schools and upgrading 35 more, making sure our kids have the classrooms they deserve
  • $1.2 billion to support children and families, including hundreds of new child protection workers and more help for families in need
  • $759 million to help meet the demands on our health system due to the pandemic, with more paramedics, more triage care and support staff for Ambulance Victoria, as well as targeted funding to support our busy emergency departments and open new beds across the state
  • $354 million to continue to address family violence and improve our support for victim survivors
  • $252 million to provide housing support, including targeted initiatives to address homelessness
  • $167 million to deliver three-year-old kinder to every corner of our state
  • $86 million to establish the Victorian Skills Authority, making sure Victorians have the skills they need to find a good, secure job
  • $70 million to establish public in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) services and help more Victorians achieve their dreams of becoming parents
  • $50 million to support establishing Victoria’s capability to manufacture mRNA vaccines

The investments made by the Government in this Budget will support an average of 38,000 jobs per year over the next four years.

It’s a simple idea that’s at the heart of this Budget. Ensuring every dollar of investment is delivering a double benefit.

Making our state stronger and fairer, and getting more Victorians back to work to make it happen.

With this Budget, we’re creating jobs and caring for Victorians.

Reviewed 20 May 2021

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