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Putting people first.

This year is a year like no other. It has challenged us in ways we never could have imagined.

It’s also reminded us of the importance of community – our connection to the place we call home and to each other.

As we rebuild from this global pandemic, we need to make sure our recovery reaches every suburb and every corner of our city.

With this Budget, the Victorian Government will do exactly that.

We’ll deliver more local schools for local families.

We’ll invest in the care that every Victorian deserves.

We’ll build new road and rail – reducing delays and creating thousands of new jobs.

We’ll back the projects and priorities that make our communities strong – local parks, playgrounds and sporting ovals.

And we’ll get more Victorians back into work, ensuring they have the stability and security of a job.

This Budget is underpinned by five key principles:

  • Looking after families
  • Taking care of those we love
  • Building strong connected communities
  • Creating secure, decent jobs
  • Ensuring a strong recovery

Our ultimate success won’t just be measured by the wealth of our economy – but also by the wellbeing of our people.

This is the Budget to repair, recover, and make us stronger than before.

This is a Budget that puts people first.

The Victorian Budget 2020/21 puts people first. This includes:

  • $6 billion for Victoria’s Big Housing Build including $5.3 billion to build more than 12,000 new social and affordable homes, and make housing more accessible and affordable for Victorians.
  • $2.8 billion to strengthen our hospitals as well as delivering more elective surgeries.
  • $2.2 billion to make the Suburban Rail Loop a reality by kicking off work on Stage 1 of the project.
  • $2 billion to create the Breakthrough Victoria Fund to build on our strengths in innovation, research and technology across key industries.
  • $1.9 billion for upgrades at a record number of schools, including building and upgrading 118 suburban schools.
  • $1.6 billion to support students with disability, to ensure every student is supported to be their best.
  • $1.4 billion for the transformation of Melbourne’s Arts Precinct, creating thousands of local jobs.
  • $1.1 billion to build, upgrade and plan our metro hospitals, delivering care close to home for local families.
  • Support for businesses through a package of targeted initiatives including $1.1 billion of cash grants to support businesses and specific support for the hospitality industry.
  • $1 billion for TAFE and training, including provision of up to 80,000 extra Free TAFE and subsidised training places.
  • $869 million investment to rebuild our mental health system and make sure more Victorians have the support they need.
  • $619 million for Jobs for Victoria, helping to get more Victorians back to work.
  • $191 million for Solar Homes, delivering an extra 42,000 rebates, more batteries, and for the first time, rebates for small businesses.
  • $132 million to help Victorians cover the cost of their power bills, with a one-off $250 payment.

Reviewed 24 November 2020

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