Victorian Budget 21/22

Creating jobs, caring for regional Victorians | Victorian Budget 2021/22

After a tough twelve months, we are on the road to recovery.

But truly bouncing back, it won’t just happen by accident.

We need a long-term plan that truly helps Victorians recover, including in our regional communities.

It’s why this Budget invests in the support people need, and the Victorians we need to deliver it.

That includes building a new mental health system from the ground up.

We all know someone who’s struggled with their mental health.

A parent, a partner, a child or a mate, and yet the truth is this issue hasn’t been taken seriously enough.

It’s why with this Budget, we’re delivering a once in a generation investment that will transform the way mental health support is offered in Victoria.

This decade-long reform will deliver early intervention, dedicated help for our kids, and care that’s actually available in our regional communities.

We’re also investing in new mental health and wellbeing support for our schools, giving them everything they need to provide targeted help, tailored to the needs of our kids.

This Budget also invests in more of the other services and support Victorians need.

That means more child protection practitioners, more family violence professionals, more opportunities for Victorians with lived experience, more support for career-changers and carers, more nurses, more disability workers, more aged care support.

And delivering another Australia-first, rolling out Three-Year-Old Kinder to every corner of our state.

As we invest in this care, we’ll also be creating thousands of new jobs, and with it, certainty and security for thousands of Victorian families.

It’s two sides of the same coin, and it’s this simple idea that’s at the heart of this Budget; making our state stronger and fairer, and getting more Victorians back to work to make it happen.

With this Budget, we’re creating jobs and caring for Victorians.

Reviewed 20 May 2021