Investing in jobs – Victorian Budget 2020/21

This pandemic has exposed the cracks in our society and our economy.

Too many workers have had to choose between going to work sick and feeding their family.

It’s why we’ll take the first steps towards doing what no other government has done; delivering five days of sick pay for casual workers in the most vulnerable industries, protecting them, and all of us.

And because we know secure, decent jobs will be at the heart of our recovery, our goal is to create 400,000 new jobs, half of them by 2022.

We’ll also invest in thousands of new training and TAFE places to help Victorians into work.

We’re creating jobs by building big, including the first stage of the Suburban Rail Loop.

And we’ll deliver a ‘wage subsidy’, partnering with employers to cover the wages of 10,000 new workers, and employ Victorians hardest hit by this pandemic, workers who’ve lost their jobs, young people and women.

Because as we recover, our success won’t just be measured by the wealth of our economy, but by the wellbeing of our people.

This Budget is about repair, recovery, and making us stronger than before.

This is a Budget that puts people first.

Reviewed 23 November 2020