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Victorian Budget 22/23

Managing the pandemic into the future

Together, Victorians have achieved incredible things over the past two years.

Two nurses walking outside in regional Victoria

Along with countless acts of kindness and support for each other, Victorians got vaccinated in record numbers.

As we move into this highly-vaccinated phase of the pandemic, we need to keep managing COVID-19 to minimise disruption and reduce the pressure on our hospitals and health workers.

That’s why we are continuing to invest in the preventative measures that work – vaccines, testing and PPE, as well as COVID-19 care in and out of our hospitals.

Supporting our ongoing COVID-19 response

This Budget delivers $4.2 billion to support our ongoing pandemic response.

To ensure that COVID-19 patients have the best chance of a full recovery, we are spending $522 million to support our hospitals to treat COVID-19, and a further $110 million on specialised care pathways and continuing our 28 general practitioner respiratory clinics.

Our investment in prevention includes $284 million for PPE and $258 million to vaccinate more Victorians including 5 to 11-year-olds and to expand our booster program.

And because accessible and free testing has helped Victorians return to school, work and normal life, we are investing $1.1 billion to purchase and distribute free rapid antigen tests to schools, hospitals, Victorians with disability and other priority cohorts.

We are also providing $40 million to support local public health units, which have been so crucial over the pandemic.

Investing to deliver a new mRNA manufacturing facility

As well as showing how resilient Victorians are, the pandemic has also reminded us that we are home to some of the brightest minds and most innovative thinkers.

That’s why this Budget is supporting the delivery of a new mRNA manufacturing facility.

This investment will bolster Victoria’s capacity to produce life-saving vaccines and build on our reputation as a state that is at the forefront of medical research and innovation.

Reviewed 01 May 2022


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