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Victorian Budget 22/23

Looking after our environment

Every day, our investments in renewable energy push Victoria closer to net zero emissions by 2050.

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Our landmark Solar Homes program is helping reduce household power costs for thousands of Victorian families.

This Budget also protects our state’s parks, coastlines, trails, wildlife and natural resources to preserve them for future generations.

Over the past eight years, the Victorian Government has invested $2.2 billion to protect our environment. And this Budget builds on this landmark investment, providing an additional $215 million to ensure an environmentally sustainable future for our state.

Investments in this Budget include:

Water efficiency projects

$57 million to invest in projects that support more efficient use of our water supply, including construction of a fishway at Maffra Weir to improve aquatic biodiversity in the Macalister River and broader Gippsland catchment

Reseeding forests

$28 million for investments in eucalyptus seed collection, upgrades to storage facilities and seed viability testing that will support forest contractors and ensure that forests can be reseeded after major fires, as well as improved forest protection regulations

Repairing and upgrading piers and jetties

$18 million to repair and upgrade piers and jetties across the state to keep them safe for local communities to enjoy boating and fishing for decades to come, including Hampton Jetty, McLoughlins Beach Jetty and Mornington Fishermans Jetty

Safer, more resilient coastal environments

$17 million to build a safe, healthier and more resilient marine and coastal environment for the community, addressing critical erosion and flood risks, protecting marine and coastal assets and ensuring the adaptation and resilience of coastal communities

Great Ocean Road management

$10 million for investment in Great Ocean Road management reforms, to prevent and prepare for erosion

Wildlife protection

$5.3 million for a package of wildlife protection initiatives, including funding to shelters rehabilitating injured and orphaned animals.

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Reviewed 03 May 2022


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