Jobs Plan

Our plan for Victorian jobs and Victorian workers.

From the Premier and Treasurer

As we begin our recovery, front and centre in our efforts must be getting more Victorians back into work. Ensuring not only a job, but certainty and security for them and their family.

It’s why this year’s Budget delivers a targeted set of initiatives – an economy-wide effort – that forms Victoria’s Jobs Plan.

Our Jobs Plan is dedicated to getting more Victorians back to work, while at the same time building an economy that is fairer and more inclusive for everyone.

Our efforts are defined under the Plan as:

  • Victorians at work – getting Victorians back to work
  • Building opportunity – building our State as we rebuild our economy
  • Supporting industry and growth – support for industries and leveraging our strengths
  • Supporting every corner of our State – ensuring no community and no Victorian is left behind

But a plan isn’t worth much without a goal.

It’s why the Jobs Plan sets out an ambitious Jobs Target – to create 400,000 new jobs by 2025, half of them by 2022.

In guiding Victoria’s recovery, the Jobs Plan seeks to play to our State’s strengths, generating growth in established and innovative industries.

It also focuses our effort on those most affected by this pandemic: women, young people, older Victorians, and Victorians who have plenty of experience but don’t always have a qualification.

Finally, it adopts a two-for-one approach – investing in the services and support our State needs, while also creating thousands and thousands of new jobs.

Because we understand, by investing in Victoria we’re investing in the people who call it home. Our Jobs Plan tackles economic and social recovery by putting Victorians at its heart.

It will build our State as we rebuild our economy.

It will support our industries and leverage our strengths.

It will get Victorians back to work.

It will leave no Victorian behind.

And just like our Government, it will put people first.

Daniel Andrews

Premier of Victoria

Tim Pallas

Treasurer of Victoria

Reviewed 23 November 2020

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