Jobs for Victoria

The Victorian Government’s new $619 million Jobs for Victoria initiative will assist hundreds of thousands of Victorians looking for work.

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This includes $250 million to support businesses to hire at least 10,000 Victorians through a six-month wage subsidy.

These positions will be for Victorians hardest hit by this pandemic, including young people, retrenched workers and people who have been long-term unemployed.

At least $150 million of subsidy support will go towards getting women back in work, with around a third of such placements being provided to women over 45, recognising their additional barriers to employment.

These subsidised positions will be focused on creating new ongoing permanent jobs, making sure we’re providing long-term security for these workers and their families. 

This investment will also deliver targeted and tailored support for unemployed Victorians – whether that’s advice about training pathways, career counselling or more intensive support.

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Jobs For Victorians

Reviewed 24 November 2020


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