Helping young Victorians and their families

As we recover, we want to build a stronger, fairer Victoria – that begins with our young people and their future.


The Victorian Government are investing $1.3 billion to protect and support children and their families.

This Budget delivers $75 million to make the landmark Home Stretch program universal – ensuring every young person in out-of-home care can receive support up to the age of 21, helping to make sure they have the stable foundation to begin their lives.

Home Stretch provides an accommodation allowance so a young person can remain living with their kinship or foster carer if they wish, or transition to supported independent living arrangements.

From 2021, that support will continue up to the age of 21 for every young Victorian in out-of-home care.

This Budget also delivers:

  • More support for early intervention to help families stay together.
  • Continued support for vulnerable children who are unable to live safely with their families.
  • Additional case managers and care teams for young people.

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Supporting Young Victorians – And Their Future

Reviewed 24 November 2020


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