Victorian Budget 21/22

Helping families stay together

We know how important family is.

Family sitting together eating ice cream

And we know that, wherever possible, the best place for children is with their families.

Building on our $1.4 billion investment last year, this Budget provides $1.2 billion to protect our children and help keep vulnerable families together.

Not only will these investments improve the lives of children and families around Victoria, they’ll also support around 1,000 jobs across our state.

Expanding child protection 

This includes $1 billion to expand the child protection workforce, increase out-of-home-care placements and provide a range of other supports for vulnerable Victorian families.

This investment will also fund 246 new child protection practitioners across the state.

New whole-of-family support model

Funding of $18 million is provided to trial a new whole-of-family support model for families with complex needs in Brimbank-Melton and Goulburn. At the same time, this investment will also support 30 jobs.

Frontline Victoria

A new trial – Frontline Victoria – will also create a fast-tracked path for degree-qualified career changers to move into a role within the child and families’ services system – strengthening the workforce and strengthening support for our kids.

Investing in families

In addition, our $1.2 billion investment will:

  • help siblings stay together and connected in the out-of-home care system
  • bring family services to schools, early childhood education and community health hubs to make it easier for vulnerable families to get the support they need
  • support carers through our helpline, training and support programs
  • give kinship carers access to respite care placements, giving families a break. 

With this investment, we’ll help support young Victorians and their families, while also supporting hundreds of Victorians with a good, secure job.

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