A health recovery first

As a global pandemic descended upon us, we knew we had to act – fast.

Nurse applying PPE in hospital

It’s why in March we began to ready our healthcare system: commissioning new beds, new builds, additional staff and innovative technology to deal with the potential incoming demand.

This Budget builds on this investment, providing $9 billion for our health system, including:

  • $2.8 billion to support our health services, including supporting the delivery of elective surgery delayed during the pandemic
  • $200 million on the Metropolitan Health Infrastructure Fund

These numbers speak to a broader effort shared by every Victorian.

The three million tests that have been taken, collected and processed. The extensive network of more than 200 testing sites that has been established across Victoria.

The hundreds of thousands of Victorians who worked round the clock to keep our State safe and fed and moving. And the sacrifice and courage of every single Victorian who helped drive this virus down.

Because as a Government we understood: there was no economic recovery without a health recovery first. 

Reviewed 23 November 2020

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