The Victorian Budget 2020/21 invests in the Gippsland region.

Creating secure, decent jobs

As we rebuild from this pandemic, we need to make sure we’re supporting every part of our State.

That means supporting Victorians in our regional communities to train, retrain and find new opportunities.

Helping those hardest hit during the pandemic find work – ensuring not only a job, but certainty and self‑belief.

And creating strong, secure and decent jobs for the future – and for our future generations.

Our success relies on making sure we’re playing to regional Victoria’s strengths – in tourism, agriculture and new energy.

This Budget provides a comprehensive plan to make sure no community and no Victorian is left behind.

Taking care of those we love

This year, and wherever you live, we’ve been reminded of what matters most in life – the health and wellbeing of the people we love.

As we begin our State’s recovery, that will continue to be our focus.

That means building a mental health system that Victorians can actually rely on.

It means making sure our regional healthcare system is there for those who need it.

It means finding new ways to deliver care – particularly for our most vulnerable.

And it means looking after the Victorians who look after us.

This Budget builds on our commitment to give regional Victorians the best care close to home – and give every family confidence that their loved ones will be taken care of.

Looking after families

This pandemic has been the hardest thing many of us will ever go through.

We’ve worried about our kids and their future. We’ve worried about our parents and their health.

Some have had to worry about keeping a roof over our head – or keeping the lights on.

We want to make sure that as we recover, we’re giving Victorians less to worry about.

Helping our kids to catch‑up. Covering the cost of kinder.

Making sure more Victorians don’t have to worry about paying their power bill. Making sure fewer Victorians have to worry about taking sick leave.

This Budget is about looking after Victorians – wherever they live – and looking after their families.

Teachers and families have done an incredible job in supporting our students. We want to help make their school communities stronger than ever, delivering an historic investment in inclusive education.

The Government will provide $94 million to upgrade 10 special schools in regional Victoria, making sure every child has every opportunity to be their best.

A further $1.6 billion investment will transform how we support students with disability and their families, doubling the number of students receiving extra support in the classroom to 55,000.

A world‑leading pilot program in more than 100 schools will now be rolled out across Victoria, putting the needs of students with disability at the heart of our response.

Every government school will benefit from the reform, enabling them to support students who may have previously been ineligible for targeted support – such as those with autism, dyslexia or complex behaviours.

This reform will be supported by the creation of up to 1,730 jobs across the State by 2025, as well as new support and resources for our incredible school staff in delivering inclusive education for every student.

A strong recovery

2020 has shown us what matters most:

The safety and security of our families, our kids, our parents. Having confidence in what tomorrow might look like.

And those most basic things – our connection to each other, looking after one another.

It’s why this Budget is dedicated to doing exactly that: looking after people.

As we rebuild, we know we need to bring every community – every Victorian – with us.

This Budget is about repair, recovery, and making us stronger than before.

Reviewed 24 November 2020

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