A fairer future for Aboriginal Victorians

A fairer future for our State means a fairer future for Aboriginal Victorians.


The Victorian Government is delivering over $357 million, the biggest ever investment in support for our Aboriginal communities. This includes:

Supporting self-determination

$86 million to reduce representation of Aboriginal Children in care and continue to support self-determination for Aboriginal Victorians.

Providing health and social services

$40 million for Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations to establish a community-led service delivery fund to support health and social services.

Incorporating Aboriginal values and expertise

$21 million to better incorporate Aboriginal values and expertise into water management and to continue to protect cultural heritage.

New Aboriginal Community Infrastructure Program funding

$14 million to create two new Aboriginal Community Infrastructure Program funding rounds. Grants will support projects that are a priority to Aboriginal communities, creating jobs for Aboriginal Victorians and restoring connection with Country.

Advancing Treaty

To advance the Treaty process between Aboriginal Victorians and the Government, this Budget also invests $20 million to support greater self-determination and ensure more community voices are being heard. This includes:

  • Continued funding for the First Peoples’ Assembly to negotiate Treaty on behalf of Aboriginal Victorians.
  • Delivering a new campaign to further build collective understanding amongst all Victorians about the importance of the Treaty process.

Supporting critical recovery efforts

During the pandemic, Aboriginal communities and Government have worked closely to support Aboriginal communities, including the work of the COVID-19 Aboriginal Community Taskforce.

This Budget continues that partnership, providing $23 million to deliver immediate, culturally safe support to Victorian Aboriginal communities across health, human services and aboriginal affairs portfolio programs during the pandemic and support critical recovery efforts.

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A Fairer Future For Aboriginal Victorians

Reviewed 24 November 2020


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