Victorian Budget 21/22


We all want our kids to be happy and healthy. After last year, we understand that’s more important than ever.

It’s why over the past six years, the Victorian Government has delivered $21.6 billion to give our kids a quality education.

It's also an investment that has created thousands of new jobs.

This Budget is continuing that approach – investing in our schools, while at the same time getting more Victorians into work.

This Budget invests a total of $3.5 billion in education, including $716 million in school programs and support for our teaching workforce.

For our kids, it’ll mean fantastic new classrooms and learning spaces.

For families, it’ll mean confidence their kids are getting the support they deserve.

For our teachers, it’ll mean a new focus on professional development and opportunity.

And for Victorian workers, it’ll mean thousands of new jobs.

These initiatives are an investment in our kids – and an investment in Victoria’s recovery.

Reviewed 19 May 2021


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