Driving down power bills

Spending more time at home has meant bigger power bills for many families.

Woman installing solar panels

That’s why this Budget will help hundreds of thousands of families cover that cost – and help drive down their energy use.

$448 million is available to help more Victorians improve the energy efficiency of their home, while reducing the cost of their power bills. This includes:

  • $335 million to replace older wood, electric or gas fired heaters with new more efficient heating and cooling for 250,000 low-income households.
  • $112 million will deliver upgraded energy systems for 35,000 social housing homes – reducing bills for tenants and making winter and summer more comfortable.

This Budget will also provide a one-off $250 payment to help cover the cost of electricity bills for Victorian households that have an eligible concession card holder such as at least one JobSeeker, youth allowance recipient or pensioner.

Solar Homes

The Victorian Government’s Solar Homes will also be accelerated to an additional 42,000 solar rebates, cutting the cost of solar installations for local families and reducing their power bills.

Additionally, the Solar Homes battery program will be expanded with 17,500 rebates made available over the next three years. 'Postcode eligibility' will also be removed, meaning Victorian's in every corner of the State can now apply for a battery rebate.

Funding will also continue to be provided for training, safety and quality audits.

Reviewed 23 November 2020


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