Below you will find a digital media toolkit to help you share the Victorian Budget 2018/19 online.

About the Victorian Budget 2018/19

The Victorian Budget provides projections of Government revenue and expenditure for the following year, and outlines services to be delivered.

Social media resources

The following materials are available for you to share the Victorian Budget 2018/19 online. The content includes suggested messages and ready-to-post images formatted and designed to suit posting on Facebook and Twitter.

The below messages and images can be used to share the Victorian Budget 2018/19. Make sure you include the official hashtag #vicbudget in your posts.

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Victorian Budget 2018/19

  • New skills, good jobs, more schools and better roads. The Victorian Budget 2018/19 is out now #vicbudget
  • The Victorian Budget 2018/19 is out now. Find out how it will make a difference in your life and community #vicbudget​​​​

Metropolitan Melbourne

  • The #vicbudget 2018/19 is out now. Explore how the Budget supports metropolitan Melbourne:

Regional Victoria

  • The #vicbudget 2018/19 is out now. Explore how the Budget supports regional Victoria

The right skills for the job

  • Building the big projects our state needs – and using local workers and products #vicbudget
  • $172 million to make training at #TAFE free for 30 priority courses #vicbudget

Roads and public transport


  • Across Victoria, 28 new schools will be built, accommodating more than 15,000 students #vicbudget
  • New school projects and upgrades to existing schools – to give every family, in every community, a quality school close to home #vicbudget



Media releases

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