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Victorian Budget 22/23

COVID Catch-Up

Victorians need access to life-saving and life-changing elective surgery without lengthy wait times.

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Unfortunately, the pandemic has disrupted elective surgery care for many patients.

Increasing surgical activity

To tackle this, we’re investing $1.5 billion to increase surgical activity beyond pre-pandemic levels by providing 40,000 extra surgeries in the next year, building up to a total of 240,000 surgeries annually by 2024.

As part of this plan, we will establish Rapid Access Hubs and draw on the capacity of private hospitals to deliver public surgeries.

Transforming Frankston Private Hospital

This includes transforming Frankston Private Hospital into a public surgery hub that will perform up to 9,000 public surgeries a year once it’s fully operational.

Recruiting healthcare workers

We’re also recruiting up to 2,000 ex-pat and international healthcare workers through a global workforce recruitment drive.

Taking the pressure off our hospitals and healthcare professionals

This Budget provides significant investment to further take the pressure off our hospitals and hardworking healthcare professionals, including:

  • $2.4 billion for more emergency staff and to support new wards as they open
  • $698 million for the Better at Home program to continue the delivery of healthcare through the use of home-delivered and virtual care, so more people can be treated at home
  • $7.2 million to strengthen community-based healthcare in 20 registered community health services by ensuring GPs and providers are better coordinating patient care.

Reviewed 29 April 2022


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