Victorian Budget 21/22

Building our mental health system

Mental health impacts all of us. Approximately half of all Victorians will experience poor mental health in their lifetime. Around one in five of us are struggling with it right now.

And if we haven’t experienced it directly, it’s the experience of someone we love – a parent, a partner, a child or a mate.

Yet, for far too long, that suffering just wasn’t being taken seriously enough. People were either ‘not sick enough’ for help, or ‘too sick’ to treat outside a hospital.

And when you reach out and ask for support – there simply aren't enough professionals to help.

It’s why we established the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System, and it’s why we are delivering the biggest social reform in a generation: building our mental health system – from the ground up.

Last Budget began that work with $869 million, then the single biggest investment in mental health Victoria had ever seen.

Now we’re delivering a record $3.8 billion investment to truly transform the way mental health and wellbeing support is offered in our state.

Implementing the Royal Commission's recommendations will take a decade or more of reform. But this year's Budget delivers a massive investment – and a massive next step – in delivering on the recommendations of the Commission.

Key investments delivered in this Budget include:

  • $954 million to deliver community-based care, providing health and wellbeing support for Victorians wherever they live
  • $370 million to improve access to mental health beds and better acute care for Victorians living with mental illness
  • $264 million for new local services for adults and older adults – providing early care where people live
  • $196 million to support a dedicated system for infants, children and families
  • $173 million for suicide prevention and response – to continue our support for 13 Hospital Outreach Post-suicidal Engagement (HOPE) sites including four new sites for youth across Victoria
  • $116 million to support the mental health and wellbeing of Aboriginal Victorians, including funding for Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations.

Together, these investments will also support 3,000 jobs – ensuring Victorians can access care, where and when it's needed.

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