Video transcript: Victorian Budget Overview 2017/18

We’re getting on with the job, and this year’s Budget delivers on the things that really matter.

We’re building better roads and public transport, because Victorians need options they can rely on, wherever they live.

We’re removing more level crossings, making more trains and trams for Victorians, in Victoria.

We’re building new roads, to make your drive safer and faster.

Victoria now leads the nation in jobs growth, and we’ll create even more across the state.

We’ll make sure every region shares in our success, and we’ll revive Regional Rail to connect communities and create more jobs.

We’ll ease the burden on small business, and we’ll keep investing in skills, apprentices and attracting new industries and new jobs.

In an emergency, all we want is for our families to get fast and first-class care. That’s why we’re delivering better hospitals, shorter waiting lists and an ambulance service Victorians can count on.

There’ll be thousands or more police on the beat as well, with the powers and the equipment they need to fight crime and keep Victoria safe.

We’re putting more teachers into better classrooms, upgrading and building new schools right across Victoria.

And for our youngest Victorians, we’re making sure our kinders are properly funded, and that every child gets the best start in life.

I promised I would do everything I could to keep women and their children safe. That I would change it all when it comes to family violence, and that’s what this Budget does; protecting the vulnerable, punishing the guilty. There’s more in this year’s Budget than ever before to deal with the number one law and order issue in our state and our nation, and that is family violence.

More jobs, better schools, world-class hospitals, more police on the beat, better roads and public transport that actually works.

These are the things that really matter, for every Victorian, wherever you live.

That’s what we were elected to do, and we are getting on with the job.

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