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Victorian State Budget 2023/24

Bringing back the SEC

Victorians remember the State Electricity Commission (SEC). It meant a fair deal on your power prices and good, stable jobs for Victorian workers.

But 30 years ago, our energy networks were sold off to private multinationals.

These companies increased prices, sacked workers and made a fortune – hurting Victorian families and businesses.

Now, they've told us they're leaving.

The Victorian Government has a plan to bring back the SEC – re‑establishing government‑owned energy and driving down power bills.

It means transitioning Victoria to cleaner, cheaper renewable electricity to help meet our ambitious targets of 95% renewable energy by 2035 and net zero emissions by 2045 – because we recognise the importance of protecting our climate for future Victorians.

At the same time, it’ll help create thousands of jobs for Victorians.

But most importantly, it’ll be run for people. And Victorians will be back in control of their energy supply.

Reviewed 19 May 2023


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