Advancing gender equality

The Victorian Government is committed to gender equality and to implementing the historic Gender Equality Act 2020.

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That’s why in this Budget we’ve provided $13 million to implement this Act, including:

  • Establishing the Office of the Gender Equality Commissioner, ensuring effective administration and implementation of the Gender Equality Act 2020.
  • Developing and maintaining a reporting platform for in scope entities to facilitate defined entities’ submission of Gender Equality Action Plans and progress reports.

This Budget also invests $38 million to continue the Government's Respectful Relationships program in Victorian schools. This program promotes and models respectful behaviour, and teaches our children how to build healthy relationships.

We are committing a substantial investment to help women recover from this pandemic, with funding to support economic security, employment and gender equality.

Additional information about our support for Victorian women can be found in the Gender Equality Budget Statement.

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Giving Women Access To The Opportunities They Deserve

Reviewed 24 November 2020


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