The 2001-02 Budget delivers today and builds for tomorrow through a program of financially responsible and socially progressive initiatives to deliver improved services and promote growth across the whole State.

Over the past year, employment growth in Victoria has been the strongest in the nation, with 68 500 jobs created in the year to March 2001. This was well over half of all new jobs created in Australia during this period. Of the new jobs in Victoria, more than one in three were created in rural and regional Victoria.
At the same time, the quality and access to much needed services have been improved through significant investments in health, education and community safety. Victorian government decision making is also being conducted with greater transparency and accountability.

The 2001-02 Budget builds on these achievements and, within the context of slowing national and international economies, it specifically targets jobs growth by investing heavily in new infrastructure, reducing business taxes and encouraging creative and innovative economic activity. This budget also focuses on strengthening the Victorian community through a series of multi-year strategies and specific initiatives aimed at enhancing service delivery in the key areas of health, education and community safety.
In formulating the current budget, the Government has recognised that despite Victoria's relatively strong economic performance, it cannot be quarantined from the impact of uncertain national and international economic conditions. The 2001-02 Budget delivers a strong and secure financial base that provides a buffer against reasonable economic risks. Maintaining a strong financial position is critical to the delivery of Victoria's long-term economic, social and environmental wellbeing.

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